Salt for Acne? A Beauty Experiment

During my teenage years I was blessed with clear skin but unfortunately, now in my mid 20’s I cannot say the same. Since going off birth control 18 months ago I have been battling with acne and plainly, it sucks! Just when I think my skin is starting to look great BAM! up pop a couple of those nasty red bumps. UGH! 

After hearing something on the radio about washing your face with water and Epsom salt, I decided to do a little research. Low and behold, Epsom salt or sea salt (but NOT regular table salt) is supposed to be a fantastic way to clear up acne and those pesky blackheads (which I also suffer from and I blame on my super oily skin). I just happen to have a big ol’ bag of sea salt sitting in the bathroom cupboard from one Christmas when I made some bath salts.

…so I introduce to you the “Sea Salt Skin Cleaner Experiment”. Washing you face with salt can be really drying, this is what helps to clear up the acne, so moisturizing is a must! Having oily skin as I do should also help with the dryness factor but I am hoping the salt will also help decrease the oiliness. I am going to give it a go for one week and after such time I will report to you my results. If it works as wonderfully as I am told, I will post before and after photos.

Total cost of experiment: $0.00


3 thoughts on “Salt for Acne? A Beauty Experiment

  1. I bet it’ll work. I think about all the times I’ve gone on vacation… I spend hours in the ocean and my skin is always so clear for those weeks. I never connected the dots.

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