Just over a week ago I decided to make the commitment to start couponing and shopping frugally. By shopping frugally I basically mean making my grocery list from what is on sale in the flyer. So far I have only used 3 coupons but, by shopping from the flyer, I have managed to save over $100 (spending just under $200) and earned 19, 650 Shoppers Optimum points. Just imagine what can be saved once my coupon collection grows!

Most people that coupon will tell you how addicting it is and I have to agree. I don’t know if it is the happiness you feel when you see how much you saved on the receipt, or the excitement when you open your mailbox and see a brand new stack of coupons. Like this morning for example.  A few days ago I emailed Glutino asking if they mailed out coupons, they responded and told me some were on their way. There they were this morning, a bright glowing white envelope and inside were the most wonderful coupons I have ever seen.

Now even if you don’t coupon, but are unfortunate like me and have to eat gluten free, I’m pretty sure you would get excited about these coupons as well. Eating gluten free is expensive. The coupons I received are…

  • 1 free Glutino Pantry item
  • Buy one Glutino Pantry item and get one free
  • $1.00 off any Glutino Pantry item

You have to admit that’s pretty good savings! (approx $13-$15). Now do you understand how it can be just a little addicting?

I also have to admit, I started my coupon binder last night in anticipation for all of the coupons I have coming in the mail. Now all I need to do is somehow get over the shyness I feel about using multiple coupons. I mean really, that’s what they are there for, to use and save money.


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