Kony 2012

I am sure you have all heard about Kony 2012 by now as it has hit the social media scene pretty hard. If you have not, please visit www.kony2012.com and watch the 30 minute video. Myself and my husband are strongly supporting this and we have ordered our kit for $30. In this kit there is a t-shirt, bracelet, a booklet, posters, stickers and a button. I am pretty excited to sport my bracelet and my husband, the t-shirt. Apparently there has been a high demand for these so it may be 3 weeks before it is even sent out, as much as I want it now, that’s not the point. In the mean time, my money will be put to good use.

Although our budget is tight, donating a small amount each year to a meaningful cause is very important to us, without donations, there would be no help for these people that deserve it just as much as anyone. I wish I had the means to help out physically in places such as Uganda, but I don’t, so these few dollars represent what I can do.

You will notice on the right hand side of this page a SocialVibe widget. Please click on it. It does not cost you a penny, but a business will make a small donation to Invisible Children for each time that widget is clicked on, so the more times, the better!

Edit: This site popped up http://www.visiblechildren.tumblr.com . It does make valid points but honestly, can you think of any other way to go about it? Also, It’s not only a dangerous job, but all causes run the same way a business does. In order for those involved to be able to commit full time they need money from somewhere and that’s where donations come in. So obviously the full amount of donations won’t go directly to the children. This article has good and valid info everyone should know, but its not necessary a reason not to support Kony 2012. But in the end, it’s your decision.


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