DIY: Barnwood Headboard

Being a young couple we still have a lot of mismatched furniture and home decor. I have been slowly working away at rectifying that. I LOVE home decorating, but with limited funds, it is not happening very quickly. Our bedroom was the worst off. So far I have replaced the drapery, purchased a new duvet cover (on sale for $40 at Winners) and made a new headboard.

I kept dreaming of different unique headboards I could  make to put a little character in the bedroom (no, not that kind of character!). My Pinterest boards were full of all sorts of designs. One day I put a challenge to myself to create a headboard out of anything I could find around the house. Then I remembered the stack of weathered wood on the other side of the property. Although most of it is rotting, it would still do the trick!

My husband gave me a lesson a year or so ago on using a saw, plus I had some experience in high school, so I figured I would give it a shot. I am happy to report that I still have all ten fingers. Having the confidence to use power tools to build things I dream up is one of the things on my bucket list. With a little more practice, I’ll have that one mastered.

I actually made this headboard more than a month ago, but here are the basic steps. You can use any scrap would you think suitable.

  1. Measure the width of your bed adding 2 to 3″, this will be the width of your headboard. (call this measurement “A”)
  2. Measure from the floor up to where you want the top of your headboard to be. (call this measurement “B”)
  3. I cut 3 lengths of wood length “B”, this will be the base to which you will attach your horizontal pieces. lay on the ground. 2 pieces for the sides and one up the middle for extra support.
  4. Cut  enough pieces of wood, length “A”, to form your headboard and fill in from the top of your headboard to about 2″ below the top of your mattress (you don’t want a funny gap above your mattress). Place the boards horizontally across your back support pieces so you can tell when you have enough. Play around with them until you get the look you want. You can cut some of the lengths in half to add a little more dimension, just make sure they over lap the middle support enough to attach them to the board.
  5. Using nails long enough to hold on the boards securely, but not too long where they poke out the back, attach your horizontal planks to your back boards. I put 1 nail in each corner (1″ or so from the edge) of the plank and a couple in the middle. These nails are also apart of the overall look, so be tidy with them.
  6. Your Done!!! Our headboard is just resting against the wall, but to prevent it from knocking against the wall, cause we all hate that! You can put a few screws and bolts through the base and attach it to your metal bed frame.

If you don’t have access to some old barn wood, you could use any wood you desire then sand and stain or paint it.

As i made this a while back without the intention of posting it on my blog, the instructions and photos are a little lackluster. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Total Project Cost: $0.00

(*price will very depending on access to supplies)


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